SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has gone through a lot of ups and downs (much like search rankings) since the invention of the concept in the earliest days of the Google search engine.  For almost a decade throughout the early and mid 2000’s it was essentially the wild wild west online and this helped spawned an entire industry of so-called internet marketers.

The earlier versions of Google’s search engine could be much more easily manipulated when it came to shady marketing techniques. Many people know or remember seeing websites where keywords were spammed all over the place messing up the actual legibility of the content and just sounding “cheesy”.  The search engines of the early days were just not smart enough to filter out all this noise until a few iterations of search algorithms were released that were better able to overcome it and drastically reduce these spammy tactics used for SEO.

Nowadays Google, Yahoo, and Bing are much smarter about filtering out the trash and letting the more deserving websites rise to the top.  And because of this, especially in the case of Google, the search experience is a much more pleasant one and viewers are usually able to find what they are looking for very quickly. An amazing tool indeed.

Most businesses have dealt with an internet marketing or SEO company but the odds are not great that you will achieve the results you were promised. This is because the search engines are still quite unpredictable and it takes a lot of work and effort to actually build the right trust that you need to rank higher in search. We recommend hiring a trusted marketing firm that you can verify results from past clients.  We can vouch for Updraft SEO (locations in Portland, Seattle, and Denver). Click here to visit



Do you have a personal blog? If you do, you may enjoy having the opportunity to share what is happening in your world with your friends and family. Many long distance friends and family members use blogs as a way to stay in touch, but did you also know that blogs can be used to make money?

If you are interested in turning blogging into more than just a hobby, the first thing you will need to do is start from scratch. This is important if your blog is a 100 percent personal blog. If your blog discusses an important topic and your personal life at the same time, like your struggles attending college, this blog may work as a profitable blog.

Blogs that are informative, yet have a small personal touch tend to be the most successful and most profitable.

As nice as it is to hear which type of blogs typically stand to make the most money, you may be wondering how the money is made. Unfortunately, many individuals mistakenly believe that you must have a product to sell online to make money, but that isn’t true. Blogs that are filled with interesting content, especially on topics that are in demand, can make money through advertisements. In fact, with a few reputable advertisers, you may be able to make more money than you would selling a homemade product.

As for how you use articles to make money with blogging, a blog needs to have fresh content. The more readers you get, the more money you are likely to make. At the very least, you should make three blog postings a week. Many professional bloggers, namely the ones who make the most money, make multiple posts a day! However, if you are just getting started, you should aim for one post a day.

For many, a blog post is considered an article, but for others, there is a difference. Most articles, that are used for website content or article directories, average around 500 words each. What is nice about a blog posting is that it can be as long or short as you want. You just need to make sure that your post is informative, but if you can get your point across in a hundred words or less, do so.

With that said, there will be occasions where you will want to add articles to your blog. These articles should be around 400 words each. Articles that are longer in size are ideal for increasing the traffic to your blog. With longer articles, your blog stands a better change of getting picked up by the well-known search engines, like MSN, Google, and Yahoo.

Speaking of search engines, one of the most successful ways to make money with articles and with blog postings is to learn about search engine optimization (SEO). After a close examination, you will learn the importance of keyword articles. Also online, you can find numerous keyword research tools. These tools can tell you what internet users are searching for based on one simple word.

For example, if you want to write a blog posting or article on ways to save money, you will see that the phrases “ways to save money,” “how to save money,” and “strategies to save money,” are popular search terms. If you incorporate these phrases into your articles, readers should be able to find your blog through the search engines, with little or no work on your part.

If you are interested in making the most money with your blog and articles, you will want to rely on more than just the search engines. You can also write and submit articles to article directories. When you do so, you can provide a link to your website. Article directories also allow others to display your article on their websites, provided all links are still attached. This gives you a lot of potential to make money through advertisements.

Speaking of advertisements, they are how you make money writing articles. To increase your changes of making money, start with Google AdSense. Next, move on to affiliate programs. You will be provided with eye-catching banners. Be sure to choose related advertisements.